"Stories in Light: The Stained Glass Windows of Christ Episcopal Church" catalogs the complete stained glass windows of Christ Church in Little Rock.  Made by Franz Mayer of Munich in the early 1940's, the windows tell familiar stories from the Old Testament, the beginnings of Christianity, as well as Episcopal history and the history of Christ Church in Little Rock.  In this 130 page book  I devote a chapter to each window in its entirety while also showcasing significant details that are sometimes are not always visible or easy to decipher from a distance.  Each window is prefaced by an exegesis of the story it tells, its symbolism as well as anecdotal comments by Christ Church member and historian J.B. Cross, Jr.  The book also contains a diagram of the layout of the windows inside the church and chapel, a list of the original window donors, and an introduction by the Rev. Scott Walters.  Concept, photography, layout and design by Glen Johnston.