If the Island of Great Botanima had a government the Monkey would be its Prime Minister.  A gifted listener as well as novice scientist and doctor, the Monkey can be found walking the worn paths of the island, greeting his  Botanimal friends with a wave and a fresh banana.  His days are filled with hatching plans and schemes to help others when he is not dancing, playing the drums or painting pictures of Great Botanima's National "Flower" - the Great Banana.  



Botanimals are the inhabitants of the remote island of Great Botanima, a wholly organic society where even its animals are 100 % botanical, each one designed and assembled by hand with leaves, flowers, petals, cones, seeds, and seedpods. They are playful, thoughtful, peace-loving, good-tempered and extremely generous.  Known for their celebrations, they can be found in smart party dress any time of the day or night, usually decorated with accessories like hats, ties, scarves, canes, vests, boutineers and jewelry.   The Frog, though not a prince, has a head well-suited for wearing crowns, and is by far the most popular among the Botanimals because of his permanent ear-to-ear smile.  He has a weakness for beautiful flowers and will go to any length to seek them out, wherever they may be on the island.


For a Lizard who loves to shop, living on a remote island can be difficult. By joining the Frog and the Monkey on their adventures, though, she has learned to source all her accessories locally, finding colorful, interesting objects to add to her collection wherever they may go together.  She loves gold jewelry, shiny timepieces and men's neckwear.  When not posing in front of the camera, you can find her lying on one of Great Botanima's white, sandy beaches soaking up the sun.