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We believe the most interesting spaces are not created in a day, but are built piece-by-piece over time.  That's why in helping you create a beautiful, comfortable space, we are glad to work with what you already have first - your existing furniture, your personal art collection, the accessories you've collected - things that you have acquired over time that mean something to you personally.  We then take a step back and help you decide where to go from there, where to add new elements, update the out-of-date or simply replace the worn.  We are interior editors as much as designers in that we often help you achieve your design objectives as much by taking out and pairing down as by bringing in or creating new elements.  

We are the design team of Patrick Phillips and Glen Johnston and we would like to help you with your design project.  

Our design experience spans a  variety of styles - traditional, modern, eclectic, transitional and many others that fall somewhere in between (take a look at a sample of our work in the Interior Design section). We are comfortable working with you at any stage in the design process, whether you are still drawing up plans for a new room or house, remodeling an existing space, downsizing or moving, or freshening up your entire home or just a room or two.  We are available in assisting in the selection of inside and outside paint colors, wallpaper and floor coverings, fabric for upholstery and window treatments, marble and granite selection, stains and finishes.   We are both artists - Patrick is a landscape and abstract painter, Glen is a photographer and graphic designer - and we are confident we can help you manage your art collection, hang it correctly in your home, and assist in the acquisition of new pieces.  

We welcome any design challenge and are interested in your plans for making your space more comfortable, stylish and beautiful.  Just drop us an email or use the contact form on this page to get in touch.  We look forward to hearing about how we can help you improve your space.

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