For our own design projects we like to photograph each room in detail and then publish a book of our work to show later clients examples of our design projects to give them a look and feel for how they might expect us to work in their own home.  We have found this to be a great tool in our business and for our clients especially who want to have a record of their own home.

phillips + johnston Interior Design Photography and Publishing - Liaison Front Cover

Liaison - San Franciso, Paris

We put together a book for a friend who is also an interior designer for a project we worked together on in Paris.  We included generous photographs of aach of the 25 rooms in beautiful detail, creating a lasting record of the furniture, fabrics, accessories and art that went into completing the project.  

phillips_johnston_interior_photography_and publishing_liaison_book_cover_back.JPG

Back Cover

A custom front and back cover is important for creating an elegant coffee table book of your work.

phillips_johnston_interior_photography_and publishing_liaison_book_content_4.JPG

Detail Page Inside

A custom book can showcase everything that makes your home or work unique.